Elizabeth Neel – US
Elizabeth Neel – US
Elizabeth Neel – US

Elizabeth Neel – US

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Elizabeth Neel 

105 pages, color
9 1/2" x 12" (24.13 cm. x 30.48 cm.)
Cloth bound
Signed artist book, special edition of 100

Produced by Vielmetter Los Angeles, Los Angeles in collaboration with Salon 94, New York & Pilar Corrias, London

Design: David Chickey & Montana Currie
Published by Radius Books


"This book is a visual poem, a meditation on the violence, absurdity, confusion, grace, and humor of feeling American. These 50 paintings, each made using only red, blue and combinations of the two, are reinventions of the American flag and and an externalization of myself. I have thought, touched, and realized them but as much as they are me, they can never be separated from we, because I am never distinct from US"
-Elizabeth Neel, 2020